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Best Gift for Programmers

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gifts for programmers

What should I buy as a gift for programmers?

Well, a gift card so he buy the latest software program, game or latest nerdy tv show is a good idea, but will other people give the same thing?

Programmer Tshirt

If you go find find programmer tshirt, we will find some really cheesy ones. They look like you are buying for a tee for a teenager and you don’t want that.

What you want it’s a tshirt with minimalistic design, quality and that represents his state of mind. And that’s the whole point of

We are focused on the entrepreneur and programmer spirit. What they are proud of!

Silicon Valley

The idea of was born in Silicon Valley, more precisely at Stanford. Several stops and brainstorms were made at the cafes in Palo Alto. So the roots of makes it the perfect gift for programmers.

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