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Programmer t-shirt

Here is a cool article relate to programmer t-shirt and way of life of entrepreneurs.

In recent years, the term entrepreneurship has gained new proportions in corporate discussions and in society in general.

It has been discovered that undertaking is not only the interest of the entrepreneur, or those who wish to open their own business.

Society should discuss entrepreneurship as an economic tool that can bring competitiveness to the whole country, as is the case of the US.

Which for years invested in opening new business and entrepreneurial education.

Especially in the areas of technology, and over time it has become a reference in innovation of products and services.

The legacy of this country, which invested heavily in human development begins with the appearance of the most innovative companies in the world such as Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Counsyl, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber…

And many others that have radically changed our way of working and think the work, showing the world that knowledge alone is able to really add value.

You are reading this article through a web platform, from your mobile phone or tablet.

And it only became possible due to the hard work of entrepreneurs who had the courage to take risks and go beyond the conventional.

Interestingly, in some cases, the whole process of creation and development of the project was carried out in the garages of their homes.

In recent decades, entrepreneurship expression suffered arguciosas changes in scope.

However, there was an expansion of studies and discoveries, and we started to understand that undertaking is not only open a new business.

It’s a lifestyle, a behavior, an attitude, a worldview.

Technically, entrepreneurship is the process that makes something new in order to create wealth for society.

Veiga (2006) says that being an entrepreneur is a strategic way to contribute to economic and social growth and to succeed in the market and in society in general.

Within the entrepreneurship ramificamos goals.

Can undertake social (social entrepreneurship), the example of some public school teachers that creating an extracurricular project.

Generate value to society, or a group of people who create NGOs and profit associations profit.

Putting into practice an idea with primary objective to contribute to social development and feel aimed to fulfill this mission.


Today there is also what we call intrapreneurship or corporate entrepreneurship. Which are entrepreneurial actions performed by individuals in an existing organization, a new fundamental business logic for the survival and progress of contemporary organizations.

Sheep (2013) says that entrepreneurship has become a state of mind, based on a set of behaviors and attitudes that lead organizations to innovate and evolve constantly.

He also reports that the limits are now broader.

And the entrepreneur becomes any person acting in an innovative way that transforms dreams into viable realities where you are, even in your own life as the protagonist of his career.

Typically, the entrepreneur can see beyond what most people see.

Nizan guanaes quoted a well-known phrase that says ‘Entrepreneur is one who does not strip where and put where it does not fit’, to demonstrate that the entrepreneurial vision always goes beyond.

He has an ‘obsession’ for the opportunity.

Already Fernando Dolabella summarizes by saying that entrepreneurs are people who make it happen, whatever their profession or activity.


Sometimes seeing a new opportunity not to be in a new place, but see the same place with new eyes, even with limited resources and encouragement.

The entrepreneur creates, recreates, plans, develops, conducts, establishing strategy, establishing new ways of relating with customers and stakeholders, founds new structures. It enhances and simplifies bureaucratic processes, questions standards and impossibility of beliefs, breaking paradigms widely accepted by society, and sees new needs in people.

It was on a beach Steve Jobs realized that people had need to listen to music while practicing physical activities.

So he had the iPod idea and even after Apple already consolidated in the market, has continued to undertake.

Demonstrating that the purpose of entrepreneur is not only linked to income and that usually these people are motivated by the power of accomplishment.

The founder of Apple left this issue clear when he said the following sentence: ‘be the richest in the cemetery is not what matters most to me […].

Something big going to bed at night and think it was done is what matters most ‘.

This emblematic sentence makes us understand that undertaking has not only financial objectives.

They are actually driven by the possibility of realization, it is a constant behavior of restlessness.


Entrepreneurs have need for achievement, motivation, improvement momentum, dissatisfaction, independence appreciation, desire to overcome standards of excellence.

Emotionally they are able to face adversity because undertake.

Whether in a new business within a business or socially, creating new things and improving the existing – requires a number of skills that are also acquired from the experiences.

We must empower yourself to exercise entrepreneurship, and with the increased competition, there is not much time to make mistakes on the market .

Even though the errors are part of successful attempts and also part of the learning process.

To undertake it takes research, knowledge in marketing, management, technology …

Undertake involves exposure, fear, resilience, knowledge, uncertainties, ability to deal with people and persuade them to embrace his idea.

It involves focus, discipline, will, sacrifice and a number of situations both positive and negative that are exchanged.

The myth that undertaking is only open a new business was broken. Briefly, undertake is to happen.


Programmer T-shirt

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