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Silicon Valley Tshirt

This is the story of me. I always loved entrepreneurship and business.

I always loved innovation and technology.

It started with a neighbor that I had. He used to buy everything that was new. He travelled, he would try all new cars. He was a german fellow, that went to Brazil when he was 6. With no education, he started selling medicine and pharmaceuticals to drug stores around Rio de Janeiro. Eventually, he opened his first store and went on and on opening more.

I think he had more than 10 stores. He was also in Real Estate. He would buy new condos before construction, he would sell a few units to finance others. In the end, he would have the best unity for him.

I wanted to follow his steps. But in my case, I wanted to work with technology. I went to engineering in Brazil. I graduated in 3 engineerings majors: Electrical, Electronic and Industrial.

I did a business master. I opened my software company in Brazil. I moved to the US.

I spent one year in Silicon Valley studying, and now I live in Florida.

I have many small e-commerce sites and we also we do SEO, app development and e-commerce for our clients.

Among our recent list, we have a blog about familia by Patricia Maldonado. She writes about a lot of family questions and even receita de panqueca. We have a law office Cincinatus e Alencar that want to rank for the keyword escritorio de advocacia.

We have a blog on things to do in Miami for Brazilians, o que fazer em Miami and another one about Brickell Restaurants.

We also work for a spa consultant called Renata de Abreu. And we sell Casas em Miami with Ricardo Oliveira and Imoveis Florida with Antonio Leuzzi. We have a company for Reputacao Online and we sell testes de Excel and VBA Excel on excel avancado.

But if you want to buy Programmer Tshirt, boy, do we have a site for you!



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